Retreats at a glance

Although no two retreats will ever be exactly the same, all retreats are designed to:

Relax – RejuvenateReflect – Rediscover


During the Lessons participants are given the tools they need to understand past choices, build confidence, and gain clarity about relationships in their lives. Subjects such as Esteem, Boundaries, Communication, Intimacy, Grief, and Friendships….to name a few. Group discussion following each lesson will provide women the opportunity share their insights, ask questions, and process with one another throughout their retreat experience.


Experiential activities are designed to incorporate the lessons and group discussions into a fun and different way of integrating the material. Activities might include a Letting Go Ceremony, Trapeze, Cooking class, Talent Show, Movie Night, Pampering Party…and endless others chosen for each unique retreat.

Although everyone is encouraged to participate fully in the days events to get the most out of their retreat, no one will be asked to do anything they don’t wish to do. Should it be necessary to take some time away from the group to reflect or be alone, your need for self-care will be honored and supported.

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