Another great chat with Dr. Drew on Love Addiction

Love Addiction…my favorite topic! While I was in LA for my baby shower I went to visit with Drew. We talked about Love Addiction, trauma, and, of course…having a baby! Have a listen:

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Dr. Drew and I talk Sex and Love Addiction

 Here’s the link to the podcast:

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Waiting for Superman? Don’t hold your breath!

Here’s an article I wrote for about how your parents, your choices in partners, and how Prince Charming probably doesn’t exist. To read the article CLICK HERE

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Our next Retreat for Women in beautiful Turks and Caicos

Join us for our next Women’s Retreat June 4th – 8th, 2013 on the most beautiful place on earth! See website for more details:

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deal breakers

Deal Breakers…Yay or Nay?

Do we really need “Deal Breakers”?    Everyone has heard the term “deal breakers”, especially when you’re referring to dating. Some people think it’s a silly concept and not important. Some live and die by their deal breakers list. And then there are those who have their list but throw it out the window when […]

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“Hard Work Pays Off”, says one of our Retreat Participants

This is an email I received from one of the recent retreat participants….. Hi Jill! I  just thought I needed to thank you yet again for the journey you took us through on the retreat. You see I met (name withheld) last night and, had it not been for your lessons on the retreat and […]

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People Pleasing Doormats Anonymous

 Hello, my name is Jill and I am a Recovering People Pleasing Doormat. Don’t laugh…I’m being serious!  I truly was a doormat (aka: Codependent, People Pleasing, Confrontation Avoider, etc). I work with SO many people who can identify with this, too. The reason I share this piece of information is because I want to make […]

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Breaking up – Which words to choose? What order to put them in?

Breaking up is hard to do….or so says the song. Breaking up is something everyone will have to do at some point in their lives, if not many many times. Sometimes it’s actually amicable and both parties agree it’s “just not working” and they release each other with love. But usually it just plain sucks. Either for […]

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crab and shell

Retreat in the Caribbean – Turks and Caicos – Curriculum

Women retreat to the Caribbean for various reasons. Some for lots of yoga. Some for rest and relaxation. Some on a romantic getaway.  The ones who join Red Lotus Way on a retreat are women in search of answers and solutions to their questions about relationships and love. Many people ask us: “What exactly do […]

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Love is blind

If you’ve ever said “What was I thinking?” about an ex…then you are familiar with the concept that love is blind. Why is that? What is it about our hormones, chemistry, or arousal template that causes us to stay with someone who isn’t right for us?   Well…it could be a lot of things. It […]

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