“Hard Work Pays Off”, says one of our Retreat Participants

This is an email I received from one of the recent retreat participants…..

Hi Jill!

I  just thought I needed to thank you yet again for the journey you took us through on the retreat. You see I met (name withheld) last night and, had it not been for your lessons on the retreat and your challenging me to look at what I wanted, I don’t think I would have been open to meeting him. He’s shorter than I thought I was comfortable with and I had that height requirement stuck in my head. Having spent the week with you I gave that, and many other things up, and I’m so glad I did!  

He was punctual, handsome (way better in person than his profile), articulate, funny, a gentleman, and our conversation seemed effortless and comfortable, and he smelled divine!. We met for a drink in and chatted about family, our backgrounds, and just life stuff. At one point he checked his watch and I thought uh oh… Here comes the “thanks for meeting me line” …but he invited me to dinner (he had planned ahead and hadn’t mentioned dinner to me) I loved this, and he extended the invitation – a good sign!

After dinner we walked back to the car and he kissed me – I felt 16 again!  My lists were in my head and I kept checking things off!  Amazing kisser… Check! 

The entire experience was simply… well, perfect… And I couldn’t help but think of you and the gratitude I felt for you doing what you are so amazing at…  To think I almost passed up meeting him… So thank you from the bottom of my heart once again. My time with you has moved me forward, beyond where I thought I could ever be and it feels wonderful!

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