Is your jewelery drawer blocking your chance at love?

 Once upon a time I had an engagement ring. It was really pretty and wearing it created such a sense of love and excitement and made me think of all the things my future would bring. I never did get the wedding band to match that ring. Eventually that ring created nothing but painful, negative, sad feelings when I saw it…but I just wasn’t ready to sell it…so I tucked it away in a rarely used jewelery drawer…out of sight, out of mind…so I thought.

Every once in a while I’d have to go to that drawer to get something and I’d see that ring and have that moment…you know that moment…the moment that feels like a time warp. One minute you’re looking for that old bracelet and the next minute you suddenly have a montage of memories flash through your brain like a sappy chick-flick and the sorrowful soundtrack to match. All I wanted was to find that cute bracelet to match my earrings…and now I’m standing here thinking about that damn ring and everything it represents.  Crap.

After the engagement ended I was more than happy to purge my belongings of anything that reminded me of him. Granted, it meant I had to get new furniture which took some time to save up for, but about 2 years after it ended I was free of that old, crappy energy in my house…except for what lay buried in that one jewelery drawer.

So why am I writing to you about this? It’s because I know how hard it is to let go but I also know how important letting go is in order to move on. I always advise clients to pack up all the “stuff” and just put it in a box and put it away until you’re ready to truly let it go. It’s important to remember, though, that all that “stuff” holds energy and if you really want to cleanse and heal and move on…you gotta let it go eventually. Burn it, donate it, sell it…doesn’t matter…just get it out of your realm.

Of course, I’m talking about break ups and relationships that end because they were toxic or just plain over. It’s OK to hold on to things that bring positive, warm, loving energy…like your dog! Ha Ha…just thought I’d throw that in there because I kept the dog and she’s my main source of vibrant warmth and love in the house. And there are things I’ve held on to from my loved ones who have died. That’s all good energy because it fills me up with love and joy when I hold it, think of it, or see it.

So…are you wondering how long it took for me to get rid of the ring? Six years. On the 6 year anniversary of the day it ended I just grabbed it, went to a jewelery buyer (thanks Yelp!) and took whatever they offered cuz it wasn’t really about the money anyway. Then I donated the money to a dog rescue because that’s what I felt was the best thing to do for me. I’ll tell you what…everything felt lighter after that. I might have even lost a few pounds just cuz of the energy shift…probably not…but that’s how it feels when you really let go and clear out a space for something new and better.

So, if you still feel stuck, haunted, or you’re holding a torch…go through all your things and see if there’s anything that has old, yucky energy (yucky is a very clinical term, by the way). If you know you need to get rid of it but just can’t, ask a friend to help you. It’s like dumping drugs down the toilet…you’ll feel better when it’s over.


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