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Women retreat to the Caribbean for various reasons. Some for lots of yoga. Some for rest and relaxation. Some on a romantic getaway. 

The ones who join Red Lotus Way on a retreat are women in search of answers and solutions to their questions about relationships and love. Many people ask us:

“What exactly do you DO on a retreat?”

Well….here’s a sample of the curriculum. The actual agenda is much more detailed and filled with TONS of amazing subjects and lessons…but we’re not going to give all that away…you’ll have to come with us on a retreat to find out all the yummy details. However…to give you a taste of what our week looks like, here’s the abbreviated version:

Tuesday, November 6th:

7pm Welcome dinner, sharing, Overview of the week


Wednesday, November 7th:

9am Meditation then Breakfast

10am Lecture – “The Past”

12pm Lunch then Personal time/homework time

3pm Lecture/Process group – “Letting Go”

5pm Beach walk

7pm Dinner on own

8pm Activity – Special Ceremony


Thursday, November 8th:

9am Meditation then Breakfast

10am Lecture – Core Issues that affect all relationships

12pm Lunch then Personal Time/homework time

3pm Activity- Trapeze

7pm Dinner on Own

9pm “Girls Night In”


Friday, November 9th :

9am Meditation and Breakfast

10am Lecture – Self care and Communication

12pm Lunch and personal time/homework time

3pm Lecture or Activity – Spirituality; Empowerment

5pm Beach walk

7pm Goodbye Dinner


Saturday, November 10th :

9am Meditation then Breakfast

10am Lecture – Passion and the Feminine

Final assignments to take home for continued growth and a specific plan to find the right person

Closing ceremony


So, you can see that our retreat combines several useful techniques and methods to help grasp and integrate all the information. We wanted to be different than the other types of retreats out there focused just on spirituality or yoga. The Caribbean offers a wonderful backdrop for women to quiet their minds and have some “healthy selfishness” to focus on what they really want and how to get it. 

In our humble opinion…this retreat is seriously awesome. We hope you’ll join us soon. For information or questions, Contact Us

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