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I love dogs, but he didn’t

It’s true, it’s true….I almost married someone who didn’t like animals (gasp!). Anyone who knows me knows I’m absolutely bananas for our four-legged friends (and two legged, and with fins…you get the point). I’ve loved animals since the day I was born. I even have what I call “Animal Tourettes”…I spontaneously make voices for them…I […]

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Is your jewelery drawer blocking your chance at love?

 Once upon a time I had an engagement ring. It was really pretty and wearing it created such a sense of love and excitement and made me think of all the things my future would bring. I never did get the wedding band to match that ring. Eventually that ring created nothing but painful, negative, […]

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Are you still Facebook friends with your Ex?

What’s one of the first things people do when they break up with someone? These days the most common answer is, “Check his/her Facebook page”…right? So why do we do this? Why do you torture yourself? Why is it so hard to delete them and start working on healing and moving forward? Long long ago, […]

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How gardening can cure your heartbreak

Ok, Ok…so gardening might not be the answer to end the pain, but it sure can help! If you are currently struggling with a broken heart, or have in the past, you are well aware of the impairment it can have on your concentration, motivation, and ability to get anything done. Mostly you want to […]

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Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

November 6th – 10th, 2012        

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