Why does your lunch affect your sex life?

Believe it or not…your refrigerator and your sex life could be related!

We all know that things like stress, PMS, a ginormous TO DO list, or kids can interfere with your level of inner-sexiness or interest in sex. Those are no-brainers. But how about food? Yes, there is the correlation between nutrition and it’s effect on neurotransmitters in your brain (your “Mood Mission Control”), but that’s not what this article is about. This is about what you eat, self esteem, and your inner sex kitten…meow!

Women’s sexual arousal response has always been known to start in the brain and end “down there”. You know the old joke, “Where’s a woman’s biggest sex organ located? Between her ears!” So if you aren’t feeling confident about yourself or you’re feeling “too poochy”, getting naked might be the last thing on your mind.

Consider your daily food intake. Do your meals cause you to feel healthy and vibrant? Or do you tend to regret what you ate and promise to do better tomorrow? Do you sometimes eat too much to the point of unbuttoning the top button? Do you crave things with a lot of salt? Sugar? Carbs? Think about the effect these types of food have on your mental state of mind. If you feel bloated or heavy (or worse…gassy!) most likely you won’t want to put on your sexiest little number for a night on the town or a roll in the sheets. Instead PJ’s and a channel changer are the more likely company for the night.

This is not to say that you must be any certain size or weight in order to feel sexy or be attractive. The point is that if YOU don’t FEEL sexy, cute, adorable (or any adjective of your choosing), your confidence will be low which will cause you to make less eye contact, have different body language, or generally avoid the opposite sex all together.

Mindfulness around your meals is more than just fitting into your skinny jeans or avoiding the cholesterol meds….it’s directly related to your self esteem and confidence which can, and will, impact your own arousal and ultimately your sex life. So, if you’re considering a long term commitment with a battery operated partner because you’re not interested in a human (or you’re just not interested period), think about why and if it might have something to do with how sexy you feel.

Why not try a Red Lotus Way 7 Day “Sex-periment”? At the beginning of the week write down how you feel physically (stress, muscle aches, digestion/elimination, “poochiness”, etc), emotionally (social interest, joy, loneliness, interest in activities, etc), sexually (level of arousal, interest in sex with self or other, etc.), and spiritually if applicable. Then, focus on healthier food choices for 7 days, including more water, and at the end of the week write down any noticeable differences in the above mentioned areas. C’mon…it’s only 7 days out of your whole life that could result in improved confidence, self worth, and ….best of all…a better connection to your sexy seductress begging to be free.

Women and their relationship to sex, arousal, and pleasure is complex and can be affected by many things. The good news is there are many options and solutions to improve these aspects of her sexuality and making some small changes in the kitchen is one very easy way to potentially make some big improvements in the bedroom (or living room…or car…or…well…you get the point).

Please share your thoughts on this or your results of the RLW 7 Day Sex-periment. We’d love to hear from you!


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